The Consultation

We call or email you to schedule an initial visit to work site

We discuss your “wish list” and what you will need in your space 

We discuss any requests for “custom” work

We suggest designs and layouts based on your wish list

We obtain initial measurements and scope of project space

​​The Estimate

We conduct materials and labour costing

We provide an estimate based on wish list,measurements, design choices, needs and budget of client

We provide you with a written estimate

 The Contract

We draft contract, review it and sign it along with you

We provide you with a duplicate contract after you sign

We have draftsperson visit the site, take further measurements and CAD construction drawings based on proposed layout

We have client approve preliminary construction drawings

We have appropriate permits approved and issued

The Renovation 

We have Project Manager prepare work schedule and get drawings and other information from Project Estimator

We complete relevant City of Edmonton inspections before work commences

We complete work schedule on time and on budget

The Inspection

We complete final inspection

We complete client walk through work site to address any concerns or questions

We sign off on project and get client comments for future referrals and testimonials