About Variety Finishing

Together, our team works to create a space that says home to you and your family. Since 2013, we continue to work hard to become one of the leading renovation companies near Edmonton.

Our clients appreciate the way we find solutions that embody their unique vision. We want you to understand your options throughout the renovation process, from planning to completion. For us, your ideas and questions are the keys to our success, from start to finish.

We know that when we work closely with clients, we create outside-the-box solutions that address style, function, and budget. You will be delighted to see what your space can become when you trust the right team.

Our Service

From concept to completion, we want your home to become the perfect place for you and your family to be yourselves, on your terms. Every step of the project matters.

You are our guide for each step of the job. We love to know what you are thinking about your future in your home or commercial space. Ask your questions, and talk to us about your ideas, even as the project progresses.

We want to make your ideas happen for you, and we will go the extra distance in quality and professionalism.

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Our Work

In your dreams, we know you imagine high-quality work for your remodel. Why would you want anything less than amazing for your renovation project?

Explore our sample photos to see what is possible. Ask us about the materials we use, design possibilities, and, of course, budget. We will find a way to create the space you hope for in every finished product.

That’s why Variety Finishing is becoming a leading general contractor in home renovations.

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About Us

Variety Finishing is becoming a leader in interior renovation, exterior renovation, and new builds.

We work in residential and commercial spaces to create results that are functional, beautiful, and budget-friendly. Our mission began with Courtney Parr, working as a finishing carpenter.

He quickly saw a need to assemble a company that could complete projects from conception to completion. Since 2013 , his team has taken pride in his team’s accomplishments.

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We are excited to meet you.

Ana Parr will be the first to welcome you to the Variety Finishing experience. Your first meeting will be a comfortable chat about you and what you want to do with your commercial or residential space. Ana has a wealth of knowledge. She is talented at transforming your ideas into suitable, exciting project ideas that will inspire you.

This initial meeting is the cornerstone of everything that follows. You can relax and open up your ideas, concerns, and questions to Ana. You need not worry about the project. Ana will consult with you throughout the whole process. She will listen to your concerns and problem solve with you until you are comfortable and happy.

Your renovation or build project is an exciting moment in your life. We want you to enjoy it, and to look forward to the end result.


Interior Renovations

Step over your newly renovated threshold, into an inspired space. It will change the way you feel about your home, or business. It helps to feel comfortable when you come home, or enter the workplace if the space you occupy reflects your personality. Variety Finishing wants to free your inner designer, and work to create an atmosphere you will crave.

Basement Renovation

Are you looking to finish or renovate your basement? Do you want to convert your space into a more livable one? We've can help with your basement renovation.

Bathroom Renovations

One of the hardest working spaces in your home or business can also be your oasis. A great design makes the most out of your bathroom space, large or small. With excellent planning and workmanship, our remodeling services will create a place where you will begin or finish your day feeling refreshed.

Home Renovations

We understand that a home renovation is an investment that you want to enjoy for years. Our professional team will work with you to renovate your home into exactly what you need.

Exterior Renovation

Curb appeal warms the heart and generates curiosity for visitors. An excellent exterior renovation makes coming home a joy for you and your family. In commercial space, it welcomes clientele, helping them to relax so that they can build trust in you and your business. Our team understands the importance of a first impression.

Kitchen Renovation

It’s the heart of your home. Friends and family gather and memories are made. A kitchen renovation is the beginning of a beautiful story that can last for generations. Our custom carpentry is just one of the services we offer to help bring your legacy to life.

Finishing Carpentry

Our core service, and the pride of Variety Finishing, is Courtney’s expertise in finishing carpentry. As the last step in the carpentry process, this is the final touch that brings every other aspect of your remodel together. It gives personality to your renovation vision.

Custom Carpentry

We enjoy customizing your project to suit your needs and lifestyle. We aim for beautiful, functional space that reflects your personality and budget.

Custom Homes

Your home should express and support your personality. At Variety Finishing we work hard to make you comfortable, get to know you, identify what you need and love. We will create a home that is clean, green and energy efficient.

Our Testimonial

Every step of the way, they worked with our needs and budget and made sure our views were heard. The basement came out exactly how we had imagined.

When I needed help with something another contractor neglected to tell me about, Courtney not only gave me advice, he helped me complete the work. I was so grateful for his help because I would have struggled to do it on my own. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to finish their basement.

Variety Finishing gave a reasonable quote which they worked within. They finished the work in the projected timeline. The Social Room was move-in ready when the work was completed. Because of their commitment to ensure professional results, we would not hesitate to recommend Variety Finishing.

Ana and Courtney are real professionals, and it shows in the quality of the work they do, and their dedication to their projects. They helped me finish a complete renovation of my house after my previous contractor had done a poor job. They communicated clearly, patiently, and courteously from beginning to end.

Our Expert Team

Our teams are specialists in specific aspects of interior renovations, ensuring that we maintain exceptional quality workmanship.

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Need inspiration for your next project?

We have compiled a few photos with designs suitable for any space. Get inspired for your own unique space!

  • Coffered ceilings
  • Wood ceilings
  • Soffit system ceilings with recessed lighting

Built-ins can add a lot of elegance and functionality to your space. You can keep them simple with some floating shelves, you can create an entire zen wall that holds true to your style, maybe you need a master closet! How about a fun sleepover for the children?

The perfect harmony between innovation and creativity, our bathroom tiles are produced in compliance with the international standards. High quality 20mm thick porcelain tiles that can be laid on pedestals,

The designs are endless in these rooms, LED lighting, wet bars, wall sconces, theatre seating, built-in speakers, sound insulation, and more!