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Our unique team shares a special bond. We love guiding families through their home building journey. We want to help you create your dream custom home.


Your home should express and support your personality. That’s why we work so hard to make you comfortable, get to know you, and identify what you need and love.


Maybe you are ready to demolish your old property and build an infill home. Perhaps you are concerned about energy efficiency. In that case, you might want to learn about net-zero homes.


We believe in creating a beautiful home that is clean, green, and cost-efficient. We can help you build a dream home that reduces your ecological footprint.

Infill homes

Why not seize the opportunity to live in a mature neighbourhood, while enjoying the benefits of a beautiful, green, high energy performance home? Infill homes are a wonderful option for people who appreciate investment potential in urban areas.


If you are considering building an infill home, Variety Finishing can help. We have the resources on our team, from the demolition of an old house to the exciting day when we walk you through your brand new home.

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Net-zero homes

Would you like to have a beautiful, comfortable home that helps protect the environment? Are you interested in exploring high performance, renewable energy options?

You might be interested in a net-zero home.

This concept is growing in popularity as homeowners consider their impact and energy consumption. A net-zero home generates as much energy as it uses. It is designed to be up to 80 percent more efficient than traditionally-built homes.

How do net-zero homes reduce energy consumption?

When possible, strategic placement allows this type of home to take the best advantage of natural warmth and sunlight.

These homes are built airtight and insulated to regulate heat flow year-round. You’ll be warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

With high-efficiency HVAC systems and appliances, this type of home can keep energy use to a minimum.

An on-site energy generator helps regulate usage and cost for the home. Often, that means using solar panels for energy production. Solar power can run lighting, HVAC systems, hot water heaters, and appliances.

Solar panels store extra energy in a battery. Use the power later, or sell it back to the energy company, which will redirect back to the grid.


Yes, really. It sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? We’d love to tell you more about this exciting, innovative trend.

Basically, as electricity rates rise, homeowners face a choice. They can pay higher energy costs, or reduce their energy consumption from the grid. To do this, they can either reduce their energy usage or produce their own energy.

Both options can save money in the long run, but require the investment of time and money.

Is solar power worth the upfront cost?

You get to decide what works best for you. We will help.

Most property owners ask how long it will take for the system to pay back the upfront costs of the installation. On average, it takes around 7-11 years. The time it takes to recover your investment depends on the price of electricity; it may vary depending on your location.

How long do solar panels last? 

Currently, solar panels typically last about 30 years. They require low maintenance—mainly snow removal. 


Here are some more features that define a net-zero home:


  • – Triple pane windows, argon filled with two coatings of Low-E R24 exterior rigid installation and R22 fibreglass batt cavity. 
  • – R24 fibreglass batt and R14 mineral.
  • – Wool insulation in the wall cavity.
  • – R8 basement floor installation.
  • – Attic installation R80 insulation.
  • – 50-gallon electric air source heat pump hot water tank.
  • – Air to air heat pump and backup electric furnace.
  • – 75% efficient HRV.
  • – Drain water collection.
  • – Heat recovery.


That is a lot of technical information! Don’t worry if you are not familiar with industry terms. There is a lot to tell you!


Variety Finishing is happy to educate you, and to clarify technical points. As always, we welcome and appreciate your questions.

Let’s talk about net-zero homes


Home automation – automating your home gives you comfort and security. 


Control your environment from your smart device by adjusting the temperature for maximum enjoyment.


The possibilities are endless with the newest technology. Operate security cameras, door locks, door bells, windows, blinds, lights, entertainment, and more.  


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