Feature wall

Feature wall: the pièce de résistance


A standout aspect of your renovation is the feature wall. This is where you can truly put your mark on the space you create. A feature wall can be as simple or as flashy as you want. It adds functionality, personality and creativity to a room.

You might like a bare wall that showcases your favourite art. We can create a library with built-in shelving. Entertainment walls are a popular option. 

Variety Finishing can suggest all kinds of material. Brick, stone, barn-wood, tile, or 3D panels are great options. We can customize lighting and shelving. 

Let yourself enjoy this part of your remodel. We’re excited for you to begin!

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Feature walls give this project panache


You can have as many, or as few feature walls as your imagination permits. There is an exciting flow of energy in a well-designed space. This project has several unique walls. Together, they give the space personality, warmth, and interest.

This particular Edmonton space is designed for private entertainment events. It has a modern feel, with elements of traditional style that reflect the building’s era and the particular neighbourhood’s appeal.



Anteroom art wall


Guests enter a large anteroom to a feeling of openness and light. The feature wall complements modern furniture with a large abstract art piece.

The owner had a large, open space to work with, in an old building. They wanted to create an attractive and functional venue to rent as a business space, and for special events. 

The challenge in this space was in creating a modern feel to complement an historic building within a popular neighbourhood. 

The finished project is multifunctional without feeling overwhelming or cramped. It is warm and intimate, without sacrificing light. It has a professional aura that still suggests the comfort of home. 

Feature walls can define space


Across from the bar area, and next to an open-concept seating area, our pendant feature wall divides the space without blocking movement or view. The unique design, a faux wall with a step-like shape and three faux windows, defines space without creating a sense of enclosure. 

The staggered effect of the faux windows avoids a linear effect in favour of depth. They are each lit with beautiful pendant lights and create a to create interest and a warm glow. 

Beyond the faux wall, there is a large table for meetings or dining. The room has a continuity, without a sense of isolation. Truly, this is a space intended for mixing business with pleasure.

Brick feature walls add a sense of history


Brick creates another type of feature wall. It’s varied colour and rough texture honour the era of the building without dating the design. Brick is always a good choice for creating a sense of comfort and style.

Barnwood Feature Wall


Barnwood is a good choice for creating a sense of comfort and casual elegance. Our designer, Ana, is skilled at mixing materials without saturating the design, which would make it look overdone. 

 The effect of barnwood keeps the overall design congruent, without making it feel cramped.

Media can create a feature wall


A feature wall can simply have media to create interest and functionality. This venue is used for business and socializing. Guests can use the media for presentations, or for playing music videos. The room transitions from work to play with ease. 

At Variety Finishing, this is the kind of result we love to show our clients. We are always excited to leave home and business owners with a feeling of excitement and possibility about their space. 

We can work with you to create the effect you hope for. It is our pleasure to work toward the best results in quality, design, function, and budget.


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