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As our company continues to expand, we are always looking to hire dedicated, reliable and ambitious men and women within the trades industry.


We at Variety Finishing, work precisely and creatively to assist with future development projects within both the residential and commercial sectors here in Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas.

Our Expectations of all future and potential Variety Finishing employees, is to assist within creating an overall experience for all our Clients. It is through creating this  ultimate experience, is why our Finishing Carpentry and custom work, speaks one word "Masterpiece". This  allows for more of our clients and contracts to feel a variety of emotions through the final project, this is what makes Variety Finishing standout. 



Current Positions Available:

  • Carpenter position available

  • Sales and marketing

  • Drywall installers

  • Taper

  • Flooring installer 

  • Custom work carpenters 

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in construction  
  • Valid driver licence
  • Certificates ( preferred) 

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It is very crucial within our company that having sharp attention to detail and patience will assist towards the reputation of Variety Finishing. Moreover having certain traits such as these, allow us as a company to work closely with not just our workers but with our contractors as well to provide the best services for our both existing and future clients. Valuing each and every workers skill sets is what matters the most. For we as a company, know what an individual has to offer. Integrity is everything, especially in regards to whom we hire and how we wish to achieve true bonds between both worker and company development and standards. 



We believe in treating our team members with absolute respect and unity as to why growing together through success, allows for challenges to be overcome. Learning how to problem solve through constant analyzation works hand in hand, while integrating honesty and integrity. All aspects of our business and workloads lead to create an overpowering feeling of confidence, assurity and accomplishment. If you are willing to challenge your skills and have the qualities we seek, why not put your best foot forward and strap on your handy tool belt and send over your best resume / portfolio, for you might be exactly what Variety Finishing is looking for as a true professional and well rounded individual!