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We have compiled a few photos with designs suitable for any space! They are of course ideas and your design will be unique, because it is it’s own space !

Let’s start with your ceilings!

You can give your ceiling a unique look, a style that suits you. Your guests will be wowed!

  • Coffered ceilings
  • Wood ceilings
  • Soffit system ceilings with recessed lighting


Built-ins can add a lot elegance and functionality to your space. You can keep them simple with some floating shelves, you can create an entire zen wall that holds true to your style, maybe you need a master closet! How about a fun sleep over for the children?

How About A Movie?

The designs are endless in these rooms; LED lighting, wet bars, wall sconces, theatre seating, built in speakers, sound insulation, etc

Feature walls

You no longer have to look at a boring wall. There are so many different ways to add designs to your walls , whether in your bedroom, living room even your bathroom!

Laundry Day?

ou can always look forward to laundry day! There are designs that are functional for every space, whether big or small!