Tile is a versatile choice for your home renovation

Tile works almost anywhere for a look of quality and unique style. It classes up any room, in any theme, on any budget. It is a choice you will enjoy for many years to come.

A skilled installer can produce stunning patterns with this popular material. With imagination and a great designer on task, your finished product can be as unique as you are.

Installation takes a little more care, but the results are worth the effort.

Tile generally falls into seven categories. They are ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, terracotta, metal, and concrete.

Tile used to be standardised in size, but now you can get pieces from as small as 1×1 inch to 4×4 feet. Varied in shapes and thickness, as well as colour and glaze, tile is a wonderful material to consider.


Ceramic tiles are made of clay, pressed and fired at hot temperatures. You can choose unglazed ceramic tile for a more rustic look, or a glazed finish for easier care and longer life. The thicker the tile, the more durable. You can judge what tile you need for your project based on a rating of one to five, where five is the thickest. Don’t worry—Variety Finishing can help with your choice.



Porcelain is another popular tile material. Like ceramic, it is enduring, easy to clean, and versatile. Generally, it is easy on the budget as well. Porcelain tiles can mimic the look of natural wood or stone without the extra care (and expense) of natural materials.


Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are durable. They can come in irregular shapes, larger formats than other tiles. Depending on their polish or the type of stone, their finish can be matte or glossy.


Stone does take more care because it tends to be more porous. It may require sealing to keep moisture out. Over the years, you may need to reseal them. They do have a beautiful aesthetic, which you can enjoy as indoor flooring, or outside on your walks. Stone tiles create gorgeous feature walls. They can have a rustic feel or a sense of timeless elegance.



Glass is exciting for tile because it can come in any colour or shape. It is shiny and does not fade. Although it is more prone to scratches, it is easy to clean. Since it is mostly used as a decorative material on walls, you won’t tend to scratch glass tiles. It can be more difficult to cut, and more fragile than other tiles. Still, its vibrancy makes it a popular choice for creating accents in your decor.



The earthy hues of terracotta bring a relaxed tone to your decor. Fired at low heat, they closely resemble the raw clay they are made from. They are the least expensive of all tiles, they have a rich, although informal look.

Terracotta is more fragile than other types of tile. It requires a sealer to prevent stains. Depending on the sealer, it can have a matte or gloss finish. Hand made or machine cut, it varies in thickness. Use it for flooring.


Metallic tiles are another stylish option, in either a shiny or brushed matte finish.

Stainless steel tiles give an industrial look to your decor, which can work for your look. There are also warmer metals, like copper, bronze, or soft silver. Metal tends to bring a touch of sophistication to a space. Patina can add character and texture over time.

Metal is resistant to food stains, high temperatures, and moisture. Tiles can be easy to clean. You will find metal used as a backsplash in commercial and residential kitchens.

Metallic tile looks great on the walls in bathrooms and kitchens. Ceiling tiles create a vintage look, but they are also trending with a contemporary design.


Exciting possibilities with tile

Any surface in any room of your home will look great with tile. You can even use it outside your home. Floors, walls, backsplashes, patios, countertops—let your imagination go. Your creativity paired with our skills will result in a finish you will truly enjoy.

You can create accents by mixing materials in your pattern. If you fall in love with an expensive tile, you can work with your designer to personalize your space by pairing with a more economical base.

These days, tile sometimes comes as 1×1 inch tile arranged on a 12×12 inch mesh backing for an intricate design that is easy to install. Luxury is affordable and high quality.


Tile flooring

Tile floors are cool in the summer. They heat up slowly and hold their temperature well. So you will feel comfortable in any weather. Cleaning is a snap. It is easier to keep your home fresh when you choose to use tile.

Walk into a home with tile floors and you will feel a sense of luxury. Even the most simple, inexpensive flooring looks extravagant. Colour does not fade. Repairs over the years will be few, but relatively simple.


Tile walls

Glass tiles look great on a backsplash, or as an accent in a bathroom. For a timeless look, white subway tiles will hold up, not only in terms of functionality and quality; they will be stylish for decades.

We are excited to talk to you about creating your personalized space. Tile is one excellent choice for flooring you will love for decades.